Maquette 02 10 2021
Maquette 20210521 – Ontwerp en uitvoering: Inge De Zutter – Techniek: kantklossen, assemblage – Fotografie: Inge De Zutter

In Lace or IngeKAN’T in dutch In this work the technique of bobbin lace is enlarged. The mobile installation consists of recycled threads in natural shades of beige, ecru and black mixed with coloured details. In this textile lace weave, the roles are reversed, what is usually practiced indoors is brought outside. The history of the craft is given a contemporary interpretation and expresses a ritual of connection, a spatial lightness and openness of rhythm and patterns.
IngeKAN’T  20210521 – installation -Expo A Soft Gentle Breeze – link naar de video IngeKAN’T into the wind – Design: Inge De Zutter  – Technique: lacemaking – Fotography: Inge De Zutter

Love multiplies when one shares it. A small new cell is created from 2 large cells.
SCULPTURE  2004 15 – series of 3 sculptures –  Design: Inge De Zutter  – Dimensions: 2x diam. 40 cm op 140 cm  – Technique: lacemaking – Fotography: Pieter Wyseur en Kristof Debaere

SCULPTURE  2004 15 – Design: Inge De Zutter  – Dimensions: 2x diam. 40 cm op 140 cm  – Technique: lacemaking – Fotography: Pieter Wyseur en Kristof Debaere

Design: Inge De Zutter  – Dimensions: 40 op 40 cm  – Technique: lacemaking – Photography: Inge De Zutter